2 Wheeled Light Rail Replacement

As people return to face to face education and work, people who depend on the Inner West Light Rail will be dreading up to 18 months of crowded replacement buses, or added road congestion.  Bike riders have been quick to point out that pressure could be alleviated by constructing the City West Cycle Link

Previous advocacy for the completion of this route stumbled, as building adjacent to moving light rail trains whilst they were in operation was deemed to be too dangerous.  The unexpected closure of services could now enable the project to be realised.  

2 Wheeled solutions

The recent pop-up cycleways have showcased materials and treatments that have been able to be more rapidly deployed than traditional cycleways.  This means the City West Cycle Link may be able to be built more rapidly to help all commuters.

“If those who are able to do so are provided with safe space to ride, that will help free up seats on buses for those who need them most,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“It should also help more people to choose bike riding instead of adding to traffic congestion,” said Bastien.

Why not get in touch with your local member and Council, to provide a safe, rideable alternative to the light rail that would help you get to work or school.

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