Mission Barns, and Silva Sausage test-drive hybrid sausages blending cell-cultured animal fat and plant-based protein

While some established vegan or vegetarian brands may be reluctant to jeopardize their 100% plant-based credentials by adding animal fat (albeit produced in bioreactors, not animals) to their wares, many brands targeting mainstream meat-eating consumers are excited about what ‘real’ animal fat can bring to their formulations, co-founder Eitan Fischer told FoodNavigator-USA.

“We’re seeing tremendous interest from the traditional plant-based brands, new entrants, big meat companies, and other food companies.”

As part of their multi-year partnership, Mission Barns​ will utilize Gilroy, CA-based Silva Sausage’s​ 50,000 lbs per day production capacity, distribution network, packaging, and logistics to bring Mission Barns branded products to market, said Fischer.

“This scaled-up run has proven that our recipe and process work in a larger scale context to produce delicious products, and having this co-manufacturing partnership lined up means we are ready to go to market. We were pleasantly surprised with how well our benchtop process translated to full scale production with very minor modifications. We look forward to the day soon where we can bring these savory sausages, and other items, to foodservice, retail, and other channels.”

‘Fat equals flavor…’

Meat alternative brands typically use a combination of hard fat such as coconut oil, and liquid fats such as canola or sunflower oil in their burgers and sausages, although new players such as Nourish Ingredients​ in Australia are now developing ‘animal-like’ fats via microbial fermentation.

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