Nestlé debuts Rallies Nut Butter Bombs, a snack for world-weary ‘slumpers’

“‘Slumpers’ are folks who are pulled in too many directions currently and end up de-prioritizing themselves. And obviously these things get exacerbated during COVID,”​ Darman told FoodNavigator-USA.

And while the daily “pushes and pulls”​ differ from person to person, the need for a pick-me-up (usually in the form of calorie satiation) is universal, said Darman.

According to the Hartman Group’s Snacking 2020 report, 74% of consumers surveyed said “treating oneself”​ is their main source of comfort to combat hitting the proverbial wall during the day. 

“If consumers are eating a straight wellness product, that’s going to give them the satiation they need, but it’s not going to do anything to help you with the mental or emotional… you’re not giving yourself that sort of pat on the back that you can go tackle the next hour, or maybe just the next 15 minutes,”​ said Darman

Unmet needs in refrigerated snacking

Darman and his team at Nestlé identified an unmet need in the burgeoning refrigerated snacking category.

“We saw that refrigerated snacking is really an area where consumers are focusing more and more attention to get healthier snacks, but we’re not seeing a lot of indulgence there,”​ said Darman.

Available in three bite-sized, chocolate-enrobed varieties — brownie almond butter, salted cashew butter, and raspberry peanut butter — Rallies Nut Butter Bombs will be rolling out to Hy-Vee stores this Fall with wider retail expansion planned for 2022 for an SRP of $2.49. The products are also available online through it’s the brand’s direct-to-consumer site. 

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