The Holy Grail of alt meat? Join us October 13 in part I of FoodNavigator-USA’s Disrupting the meat and dairy case broadcast series

But how ‘meaty’ is mycelium-based bacon or steak, and what kind of new opportunities do they open up in the meat alternatives space? What’s their nutritional profile, and can you fine-tune the solid-state fungi-fueled fermentation process to change the final products’ taste, texture or nutrition?

Join us this Wednesday (October 13) for the first installment of FoodNavigator-USA’s ‘Disrupting the Meat and Dairy Case​’ ​broadcast series, which begins with a fireside chat with Eben Bayer at fungi-fueled startup Atlast Food Co, which is gearing up to open its first large production facility for mycelium-based meat in New York next year.

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PART ONE: Where next for meat alternatives? From plant-based burgers to fungi-fueled bacon

Article image - Meat Alt

Date​: Weds October 13

Start time​: 10am PT/1pm ET

Duration​: About 90 minutes

The session begins at 10am PT/1pm ET with a fireside chat with Eben Bayer at Atlast Food Co​ – a startup making ‘whole cut’ meat products from mushroom mycelium.

This will be followed by a short presentation on incorporating natural colors into meat alternatives from Oterra​.

And finally we will end with a panel debate exploring everything from formulation to consumer insights, merchandising, nutrition, and processing capacity challenges, featuring:

  • Karuna Rawal, chief marketing officer, Nature’s Fynd   
  • Marcellus Harris, assistant commodity manager, poultry, Kroger​; co-chair of Kroger’s Plant Based Eating Associate Resource Group
  • Max Elder, co-founder and CEO, Nowadays​  
  • Aurelie Mauray, marketing manager, pea and new proteins Americas, Roquette​   
  • AnnMarie Kraszewski application scientist, Oterra

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