IFF debuts vegan stabilizer for plant-based whipped cream applications

The stabilizer was specially designed for use with coconut fat, a clear consumer favorite in the plant-based cream market, said IFF. According to Mintel market insights, new cream products containing coconut grew 20% from 2018 to 2020.

Called VEGEDAN WP 1800, IFF’s new stabilizer is a protein-free solution which offers “unbeatable performance,​” including superior whipping speed, long-standing firmness of the foam, and ability to withstand heat shock. 

“One of the challenges manufacturers often face is the viscosity build-up over time due to temperature variations. With VEGEDAN WP 1800, plant-based whipping creams will remain stable for up to nine months, so manufacturers can expand their geographical reach with confidence,”​ said Kim Dahl, senior application specialist, IFF.

According to IFF, VEGEDAN can transform a plant-based cream into a stable, firm foam within 90 seconds of whipping time “making it the perfect long-lasting decorative topping,” ​said the company. 

“Consumers experience a highly indulgent product, while the high overrun and absence of protein in the stabilizer solution actually reduce costs,”​ Dahl explained.

While VEGEDAN WP 1800 is primarily used in chilled whipping cream applications, it is also possible to use it at an ambient environment due to its high-temperature tolerance, noted IFF,  extending the range of applications and climates where it can be put to use. 

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