ENOUGH breaks ground on ‘world’s largest’ fermented protein factory

ENOUGH – formerly 3F Bio – expects the factory to be operational by 2022. Initial capacity will stand at 10,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of more than five cows worth of protein every hour. The group intends to increase output to 50,000 tonnes by 2027. The company has targeted production of over a million tonnes cumulatively within 10 years of its launch.

Cargill collaboration for the ‘most sustainable protein’

ABUNDA is a ‘complete’ food ingredient that contains all nine essential amino acids and is high in dietary fibre. It is described as ‘light in colour, neutral in taste and fibrous in texture’ and is suitable for uses in a variety of applications, including alternative meat, seafood and dairy products.

ENOUGH’s mycoprotein is grown by feeding fungi with feedstocks in a large-scale continuous fermentation process. According to the Glasgow-based start-up, the impact of producing one million tonnes of ABUNDA will be equivalent to replacing five million cows, over one billion chickens and reducing more than five million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Data released by the company revealed ABUNDA mycoprotein uses 97% less feed than beef, 80% less than chickens and 40% less feed than soya beans. It is also significantly more water efficient, using 93% less water than beef, 55% less water than chickens and 29% less water than soy. The company reported that its carbon emissions are 97% lower than beef, 80% lower than chickens and 53% lower than soy.

ENOUGH vegan chicken

ENOUGH says ABUNDA is a versatile ingredient for plant-based innovation / Pic: ENOUGH

ENOUGH’s new 15,000 square metre facility will be co-located alongside a Cargill site in San van Gent in the Netherlands. Through a collaboration agreement with the ingredient giant, Cargill will supply ENOUGH with the ‘most efficient’ feed source for its fungi-based protein.

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